Product Design Exercise #2

Design Prompt: The NYC metrocard system has remained unchanged for decades. The cost of the metrocard machine infrastructure, the lost time of waiting in line to buy a metrocard, touching a dirty machine to do it, the potential of losing the metrocard, and the ease …

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Product Design Exercise #1

Design Prompt: At the beginning of each new semester or school year, teachers are faced with the challenge of remembering names for numerous students. Design Challenge: Design an experience to help an educator match faces to names, with the goal of shortening the time needed …

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Streamliner Product Design Case Study

Purpose:  For current and prospective cord cutters to consolidate streaming service payments while subscribing and unsubscribing from services with frequency and ease. Persona #1:  New cord cutter who does not want to submit their credit card to various streaming service payment forms. Persona #2:  Current …

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TraveLean Product Case Study

Travel sites such as TravelPirates, Orbitz and Travelocity provide vacation package combinations (flights, hotels, and cars).  Travelers will always search for the best deals on aggregate sites. KEY PAIN POINTS   Aggregates lack the functionality for users to input a travel budget.  However, lodging site …

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Guide to Effective Engineering Curriculum

Set yourself apart as an instructor. Follow these steps. Use the array of tools at your disposal. Students with different learning styles stand a better chance of success.

Facebook Financial Analysis: Solid Investment

The thought that social media is currency has validity.  Whether it is products or website traffic, a significant amount of any company’s revenue can be obtained through social media channels.  Facebook has grown to be the leading social media channel in a very crowded web …

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CryptoStat for iPad Pro

The CryptoStat UI designs were developed for the iPad Pro device.  I decided to utilized a portrait orientation to challenge myself.  Most of my older designs are landscape for desktops. The masonry style provides a more dynamic look to the interface, as opposed to four squares.  …

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