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Product Design Exercise #1

Design Prompt: At the beginning of each new semester or school year, teachers are faced with the challenge of remembering names for numerous students.

Design Challenge: Design an experience to help an educator match faces to names, with the goal of shortening the time needed to reach complete un-aided accuracy.

Prospective Solutions

  • Students upload image(s) to online instruction portal
  • Pull images and data from instructor portal
  • Matching game to learn students’ names and faces

Solution: To help an instructor match faces to names, I created a matching game for instructors to learn the names and faces of their students called Proctor. The instructor’s user journey will involve access to their roster lists for study and then play a matching game for each class. There will be no overlap of students from different class sections when playing the game.

Both rosters and game will be available on desktop computer, tablets and mobile phones to increase accessibility and convenience to perform the activities. Section rosters will import from the institution’s student database. Corresponding images will import from the same database after school photographs students for their ID cards.

MVP Flowchart

Flowchart created with Lucidchart.

User Journey:

  1. Log into online application
  2. Select a course section
  3. Review section roster’s names and photographs
  4. Select ‘Play Game’ to test memorization
  5. Connect random names and faces via drag-and-drop interactivity in clusters of five
  6. Results display on screen with option to ‘Exit’ or ‘Play Again’

Design Considerations


  • Playful
  • Endearing
  • Intellectual
  • Energetic

Prospective Base Colors

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green


On a broader scope, Proctor would be a feature within an institution’s larger faculty and staff portal. By coordinating student ID photographs and enrollment records, teachers will avoid requesting that students upload their own images for a grade. This application will assist instructors in learning their students’ names and faces and building better student-teacher relationships.

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