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Codeblack’s New Distribution Deal

Codeblack Films’ new output deal with Eagle Films is winning situation for African-American audiences, production companies and filmmakers.  With complaints on social media about the lack of diversity in film in America, this deal will start the process of diversification.  The Lionsgate company (Codeblack) already has an existing deal in South Africa with Times Media Films.  The new deal with Eagle Films gets their content to audiences in the Middle East and North Africa.

Independent filmmakers (directors, screenwriters etc.) should get new and exciting opportunities because Codeblack needs content on top of content.  Small production companies hopefully might be able to partner on creating content to stand out.  Audiences love a great story, but great new stories with visually relatable characters are a breath of fresh air.

The question is whether Codeblack or Eagle will sell some of the content from Codeblack to Netflix, Hulu and/or Amazon Prime.  It would be a wise move to monetize content that would not sell movie tickets.

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