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Streamliner Product Design Case Study

Purpose:  For current and prospective cord cutters to consolidate streaming service payments while subscribing and unsubscribing from services with frequency and ease.

Persona #1:  New cord cutter who does not want to submit their credit card to various streaming service payment forms.

Persona #2:  Current cord cutter who wants a streamlined process of activating and deactivating streaming accounts with efficiency.

Viewer Solution:  Streamliner allows cord cutters to submit one monthly payment for all their preferred streaming services with the capability to subscribe and unsubscribe from select ‘streamers’ with minimal interactivity within one user interface.  

Prospective Interactions:

  1. Drag and drop
  2. Checkbox
  3. On/off switch


  • Mobile phones:  The on/off switch works best for mobile phones because of its vertical orientation.  Check boxes offer a similar but not as smooth experience during the selection and deselection process. 
  • Tablets:  Whether vertical or horizontal, tablets possess wider screens than phones.  The on/off switch works for vertical orientation. For horizontal orientation, the drag-and-drop feature provides a more visual view of a user’s selections.  
  • Desktop computers:  The on/off switch is more prevalent with mobile devices.  Both drag and drop and check boxes are normal for desktop sites and applications.  A toggling option between drag and drop and check boxes provides an interactive choice.    

Design Tool: Adobe Experience Designer(XD)

Design Solutions:  All user interfaces possess a ‘Save’ button for changes

  • Mobile phones:  List view with an on/off switch for each list item(streaming service).
  • Tablets:  Drag and drop function in horizontal view.  On/off switch in vertical view.
  • Desktop computers:  Three-column drag-and-drop design.

Revenue Sources:  Revenue will derive from two sources: consumer subscription fees and a small percentage from streaming services. Consumers pay a monthly convenience fee similar to the fee of when using movie ticket app Fandango. Streaming services will pay percentage from money collected from the Streamliner service. Streamliner will collect percentage once consumers complete their transactions. 

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