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DC You Unscripted Idea #1

D’Construction is an idea created for the DC Universe platform’s DC You Unscripted contest. The contest called for DC Universe subscribers to pitch ideas for unscripted content for the streaming service. This is my first concept in the name of the contest.

Objective: Enhance DC Comics’ literary profile through psychological, sociological and philosophical analysis of characters, teams, comic book runs, graphic novels and incarnations.

Prospective Formats:

  • Video Podcasts
    • Video recordings in podcast studio
  • Video Essays
    • Image and video with voiceover
  • Docu-Series
    • Image and video with voiceover
    • Interviews conducted on location

Episode Breakdown:

  • Host introduces book, run or character(s)
  • Overview of content
  • Discussion with guest(s)*
    • Psychoanalysis of characters
    • State of the respective world
    • Philosophical messaging/questions
  • Considerations and conclusions
  • Call-to-action for fan commentary and social media engagement

*Minds in the fields of psychology, sociology, philosophy and literature for video podcast and docu-series formats.


  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Primary Platform: DC Universe Streaming Service
  • Secondary Platforms: Podcast Applications(audio only)
  • Social Channels: YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok(promos and clips)

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