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Google & Sexy Black Moms


Covering the issue of ‘sexy white moms’ vs. ‘sexy black moms’ in Google Search, how it can be handled and why it’s not Google’s fault.  Here is a response to a complaint to Google about the images shown when “sexy black moms” is searched:

“Nah it’s sad but what they are saying is that most images posted of women that have the words black sexy and mom in any description of them are mostly porn images… Whoever uploads the pictures labels the pictures in this way… And most images that are uploaded on the internet that have the words sexy white mom are not from porn sites… Google nor any search engine can change that… Because the search engine only looks for a description not what is visually being shown..  hence why Beyonce is the 4th picture on the sexy white mom search results… Bey clearly isn’t white but Google doesn’t know that… The person who uploaded that picture described her as sexy white mom because she has a white jacket on in the picture… What the representative is trying to say is that the search engine isn’t at fault… It’s how our society uses those words… Most ppl don’t use the exact words “sexy black mom” unless they are talking about porn… While the term sexy white mom is used more often for things referenced outside of porn… For example a common term is sexy black women… If you type that in the pictures aren’t pornographic… Or sexy African American mom… It’s just how our society speaks… How often do you hear someone out and about saying sexy black mom?? You don’t lol”



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