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Disney and Netflix Become Exclusive


Disney and Netflix have signed an exclusive paid television broadcast deal.  This September, Netflix will have access to stream all Disney content on its platform.  That includes the big franchises:  Disney’s animated features, Marvel Entertainment and Star Wars.  Netflix already produces and features the Marvel series Daredevil, Jessica Jones and with more adult superhero content to come.  Previous seasons of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter are currently available for streaming as well.

In other news, actress Robin Wright of the Netflix Original Series House of Cards ‘found her steel’ by demanding equal pay to that of co-star and onscreen spouse Kevin Spacey (President Francis Underwood).  The result of the ask was a ‘yes’.  She guaranteed to walk away from the critically-acclaimed series if her paycheck did not match that of Spacey’s.

Wright’s Claire Underwood is as much a presence on the show as FU’s.  Her performances and onscreen chemistry with Spacey at this point makes her just as valuable to the show.  This is a big win for advocates of equal pay across genders in the film and television industry.

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