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Words from Wonder Woman in Final Batman V Superman Trailer

The new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer gives viewers their first sound of the voice of one Diana Prince also known as Wonder Woman.  In the trailer the Amazon princess speaks one line, then lets out a serious battle cry.  She has poise, confidence, grace and ferocity.

Recently, there was an image of Batman looking upon the horizon of what can be surmised as the planet Apokolips, which is the home of the great Justice League villain Darkseid.  Then cuts back to a scene from the second trailer with Batman and the parademons.

What is also in the new trailer is a more in-depth scene into how Batman operates on missions with butler Alfred Pennyworth.  Combat ensues and this Batman is a brawler who is hyper-violent who tells his butler that he is getting slow.  Noting his advanced age.  The batsuit’s durability is hinted at with knife slice that has no effect.  A few shots of Lois Lane and a very brief shot of startled Martha Kent.

Overall, this final trailer shows audiences a few extra shots and expanded moments from still photos and previous trailers.  Darkseid’s role in the film is still unknown, if he is in the movie at all.  Please give your thoughts on the final Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer after watching below.

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