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A Tree Approach to Full-Stack Engineering

  You are ready to build for your first full-stack application, but you are wondering where to start.  Instead of pursuing the development linearly, consider pursuing development as a blossoming tree. Not all trees are the same.  However, they all have standard components.  There are five components of a tree: Roots Trunk Branches Twigs Leaves…

Transformers: The Last Knight Movie Review

Hopefully, Transformers: The Last Knight concludes Michael Bay’s tenure as the director of the Transformers’ franchise and Paramount Pictures. ‘Last Knight’ maintains the highest standard in visual effects, but bottom feeds on story execution. Bay begins the lackluster blockbuster motion picture with a flashback that holds interest at first. Unfortunately, long and pointless flat gags…

The 2017 Oscars Nominations

The 2017 Oscar Nominations delivers intrigue and diversity.  The Best Picture category opens up for nine candidates without a prohibitive favorite.  On all fronts, ‘Oscars So White’ disappears this year.  However, ‘Oscars So Male’ debuts, as all Best Director nominees are men. If there was a ‘Best Ensemble Cast’, Hidden Figures would have my vote….

Netflix Should Learn from Canceling Marco Polo

The cancellation of Netflix’s Marco Polo serves as a business lesson. After citing a $200 million loss, Netflix needs to alter original content plans. The streaming service requires smarter spending on original content. They need more lean media while retaining the quality that critics have acclaimed.

Sand Storm Non-Spoilers Movie Review

Sand Storm charges through the life and times of a teenage girl trapped between long-standing culture and individual pursuits. Layla craves the affection of an another from a different tribe, but environment dictates otherwise. Her father, Suliman marries a second wife. Her mother, Jalila grinds through the life she must lead to survive. Director Elite…

Second Wonder Woman Trailer Drops Online

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Films drops the second official Wonder Woman trailer online. The promotional video contains new footage and a voiceover courtesy of Princess Diana. She appears in modern time, telling the story of her disillusionment with humanity and the world. She refers to the outside world as, “This beautiful place. But the…

Moonlight Non-Spoilers Movie Review

Moonlight shines as the definition of a story arc with a coming of age tale that illuminates and enlightens audiences with intense colors and strong characters. Director Barry Jenkins tells the story of a boy who struggles to discover peace and his identity in three distinct chapters. The first section establishes the central character’s life…