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UX Writing Challenge #8

This article is my response to the following user experience writing challenge:

Scenario: The user is a casual music fan and (on occasion) goes to live concerts. They have a music player app on their phone.  
Challenge: Tell the user that one of their favorite bands is playing live in their town. How would you compel them to want to go?
Headline: 30 characters max

Body: 45 characters max

Button: 25 characters

To make this challenge easier on myself, I selected my favorite music artist and the closest musical venue. My next step involved drafting two versions of the text.

HeadlineH.E.R. in Concord Today!H.E.R. is Here Tonight!
BodyGo see H.E.R. at the Concord PavilionSee H.E.R. in concert at the Concord Pavilion
ButtonBuy Tickets, SkipTickets, Skip

Headline Approach: I thought it would be efficient for the headline to announce both artist name and the location of the concert venue. In Version A, I used my local municipality to offer a more precise location for the user. Version B is more generic with the word ‘here’.

Body Approach: The headline is for announcing the event. I used the body copy to invoke the desired action. The action verbs ‘go’ and ‘see’ are simple and do not require a lot of characters.

Button Approach: Even with only 25 characters at my disposal, I decided to create two buttons. The first is for the user to buy tickets. The other is for exiting the notification. ‘Skip’ is a word associated with music player apps.

FINAL DRAFT: After considering the pros and cons of both drafts, I decided to incorporate elements from versions to produce the following:

HeadlineH.E.R. is in Concord, CA Today!
BodySee H.E.R. in concert at the Concord Pavilion
ButtonTickets, Skip

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