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3 Things Missing from Batman Films

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Hero Headlines
3 Things Missing from Batman Films

While the Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan Batman films were respectively great in their own way, but there are some things those films were missing.  Obviously, to cover every dark facet of Batman’s world tonally is difficult, if not unrealistic.  This is a list of three things not yet felt in a live-action Batman film.

  1. Tragedy of the Wayne Murders:  Of course audiences have seen the flashbacks since 1989, but no moment of true sorrow.  It is understandable with The Dark Knight’s origin is common knowledge, it would take some near Oscar-level acting and cinematic ingenuity for the audience to almost cry.
  2. Destitution of Gotham City:  The escalation of crime has been talked about through dialogue and mass explosions.  However, the citizens of Gotham are second, and not much of a priority.  All audiences have seen is a few muggings and citizens running scared from Bane and his henchmen.  Viewers have heard how bad Gotham City is, but not seen or felt it.  The animated feature The Dark Knights Returns Part 1 does an exceptional job of selling the grim condition of the city.
  3. Horrific Batman and Villains:  Batman is to be any criminal’s nightmare.  Conveying horror is more than jump-scares.  It is involves some psychology, cinematography and editing skills.  The same can be said for some of his villains.  While Heath Ledger’s Joker was the best and slightly sadistic, but not purely terrifying and gruesome like a Lecter-like serial killer.  Tom Hardy’s Bane had a physical commanding presence, missing hands-on cringe-worthy brutality.

With Warner Bros./DC distancing themselves from Marvel by going darker and edgier, a truly grim Batman will come to the big screen.  Movie-goers might get their first glimpse of a darker-than-Nolan Batman when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is released next year.

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