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Spectre Movie Review (Non-Spoilers)

If Sam Mendes’ Spectre is the last 007 Bond film for Daniel Craig, then audiences should toast to Craig with a vodka martini, shaken, not stirred. Though the fluidity of the film is not the best, the cinematography and action sequences are sublime.

One important thing to note is that this is a James Bond film, from the ambiance to the moments of humor to the protagonist’s boyish charm. This film stands on its own while continuing the “Daniel Craig 007” story line. There is some character development that is very subtle and not noticeable until the third act. The first standout performance goes to Lea Sedoux for owning every moment of screen time with her presence and grace. The second belongs to Dave Bautista for balances refinement and brutality.

Mendes and the editor drew great performances from the cast. There is one glaring plot hole or a plot point that was just not flushed out enough. Overall, Spectre is a fun film with great story and some storytelling issues. This film should take under advisement for men who love action with beautiful women and women who love a man in a tailored suit driving a sports car.

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