Takeaways from The Birth of a Nation Deal with Fox Searchlight at Sundance

The purchase of The Birth of a Nation by Fox Searchlight is the largest purchase in the history of the Sundance Film Festival.  After standing ovations after the period piece’s viewing, the Oscar buzz for the film garnered a bit of a bidding war.  Nate …

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Media Industry & Communications Podcast Ep2

Official Oscar Eligibility Rules Packed episode full of news, notes and plenty of Oscar talk.  Netflix subscribers more important than revenue.  The great value in Apple Music for music lovers.  NFL courting Hollywood, again.  Deadpool denied in China and why it will NOT hurt the …

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The Hollywood Reporter Diversity Controversy Reaction

The Hollywood Reporter Diversity Controversy Reaction: John discusses the controversy surrounding The Hollywood Reporter’s Actress Roundtable’s lack of color.  Potential solutions to the lack of diversity in the industry and scolding Tyler Perry, Oprah and Will Smith. For more news, reviews and content, go to …

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Benefits of Polygamy in the Black Community

Mannish discusses the benefits of having polygamy in the African-American community.