Journalism on the Web (Audio)

  Audio discussion on fake news, solutions for web journalism, ethics, practices and how readers can vet sites.  Fake news site link Article:   There are plenty of points to discuss.  Leave your thoughts and comments below.  Follow me on the below social media …

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Media, Donald Trump & 2016 Election

  Discussion of how Republican Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election.  Various areas of society share responsibility.  Beyond the voters, the list includes the media’s political pundits, the extreme leftists and uninspired Hillary Clinton voters.  Below is a comment on a friend’s Facebook page …

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Words Episode 3 | Is Edward Snowden a Hero or Traitor?

  In the movie Snowden, director Oliver Stone portrays Edward Snowden as a conflicted man who is caught between security and privacy.  The Dark Knight Rises’ Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrays the title character, with The Divergent Series’ lead Shailene Woodley as Snowden’s significant other, Lindsay Mills. …

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Pulse Nightclub Massacre & Religion

  I discuss the tragic massacre at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida and how religion and the religious are accountable.  This mass shooting has sparked debates on different fronts.  President Obama has used this incident to reiterate and potentially sign an executive order for more …

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Hero Headlines Ep10 | Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice SPOILERS Review

SPOILER Review of the DC Comics film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Bookmark for more content PLEASE SUBMIT QUESTIONS AND/OR COMMENTS BY EMAIL TO FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PINTEREST:

Nate Parker’s New Film School

Media Industry & Communications Episode 11 discusses Nate Parker’s new film school with Wiley College, New York Times extra anonymous source checking, SoundCloud’s new deal and seller’s market for television and film. PLEASE SUBMIT QUESTIONS AND/OR COMMENTS BY EMAIL TO For more news, review …

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Hero Headlines Podcast

Another combo-episode discussing the art behind Rihanna’s new music videos for her hit song ‘Work’ featuring Drake. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice financial concerns and why they should only be applied to the short-term. A quick review of the second part of the Netflix …

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