BAFTA’s New Diversity Mandate

BAFTA adds mandate that only films  with diversity (cast and crew) will be considered for awards.  A noble gesture in nature.  However, this may set a precedent of artistic regulation.  The mandate potentially compromises filmmakers’ ability to partner with optimal collaborators, which compromises films. There …

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Barnes & Noble’s New Offering to Indie Authors

  Barnes & Noble is now offering independent authors the ability to sell their titles in the actual stores with physical books.  In the report by Book Business Magazine, two-thirds of books purchased are tangible books with pages and a spine. Availability will not be …

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Reel to Real | Prince’s Contribution to Batman (1989) & The Joker

Discussion of Prince’s contribution to Batman (1989) and the realism of the movie. Bookmark for more content FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

#NetflixandChill Reviews | LOVE 3D

  Non-spoilers review of the French erotic drama film LOVE, directed by Gaspar Noe. Review includes the recommendation to use film for #NetflixandChill. PLEASE SUBMIT QUESTIONS AND/OR COMMENTS BY EMAIL TO For more news, review and content, go to Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Tumblr

Hero Headlines Podcast

Another combo-episode discussing the art behind Rihanna’s new music videos for her hit song ‘Work’ featuring Drake. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice financial concerns and why they should only be applied to the short-term. A quick review of the second part of the Netflix …

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The Witch Non-Spoilers Movie Review

  Non-spoilers review of the new film The Witch. PLEASE SUBMIT QUESTIONS AND/OR COMMENTS BY EMAIL TO with the ‘MIC Pod’ in the subject line. Please like and follow Outermind Media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, subscribe to the YouTube channel, Stitcher and iTunes for the Hero Headlines podcast.

Media Industry & Communications Podcast Ep2

Official Oscar Eligibility Rules Packed episode full of news, notes and plenty of Oscar talk.  Netflix subscribers more important than revenue.  The great value in Apple Music for music lovers.  NFL courting Hollywood, again.  Deadpool denied in China and why it will NOT hurt the …

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