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Dating App Product Case Study

Dating sites provide the capability to match users potential romantic partners through swiping an image either left or right.  An added feature is private messaging a person of interest.


A saturated marketplace forces app builders to stand out and above the crowd.  Users who desire to discover meaningful connection outside of “hookup culture,” offer opportunities to expand beyond view, swipe, and message interactivity.  

Pain Points

  1. Application builders need more than matching features to stand out.
  2. Certain users want more value than just selecting matches from their dating service.


Dating suggestions in the form of push notifications for mutual matches encourage in-person engagement.  Users with paid subscriptions receive suggestions based on matching keywords. The application pulls events and locations from sites such as Eventbrite and Yelp.  

There are benefits for both subscribers and the brand.  Subscribers receive an experience that is more invested in their endgame.  The brand receives testimonials and positive word of mouth, resulting in more traffic for advertisers.


This case study is less design-oriented and more feature based.  In developing this idea, I realized that a user interface or prototyped was unnecessary.  Because of the similar features of the most well-known dating apps, a premium feature would yield more insightful thought.

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