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Aryaka Networks Stands Above the Crowd in their SD-WAN Cloud

With a crowded and growing SD-WAN(Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) market, Aryaka Networks is the most efficient, flexible, and progressive product for global enterprises via the cloud.  Aryaka’s investment in continuous research and development of their product will yield long-term relationships through well-developed products with economically sound pricing.  The company matches well with businesses that range from medium to large.

The northern California startup expedites deployment of enterprise networks within 48 hours, as opposed to weeks or even months with MPLS(Multiprotocol Label Switching) networks that require hardware.  Hardware viability expires, thus requiring the ordering of parts, shipping, and installation. It costs a company time, productivity and funds. Their elimination of physical servers expedites networking scaling and minimizes the size of the IT(information technology) workforce while easing the business expansion process.

ESG networking and cloud technologies analyst Dan Conde writes, “Aryaka understands the value of an access network. The value of a network for end-users in branch offices comes from access to data and applications. To deliver these services to end-users, a chain of devices, software, and networks all need to work in concert to create a satisfactory end-user experience.”  

He continues, “Organizations with end-users in remote locations and global enterprises with many branch locations need to provide an easy way for their users to access applications from the central data center or the Internet.”

The Aryaka brand offers six features and functions:

  • Application Acceleration:  better performance for high-bandwidth applications.
  • Cloud and SaaS Acceleration:  access SaaS applications and cloud services, eliminating the use of the public internet.
  • Compression and Data Deduplication:  eliminating duplicate data for accelerated connections.
  • Smart Edge and Smart Link:  reduces network complexity to maintain application performance.  
  • Global Private Network:  avoiding public internet connections to maintain with fellow staff members.  
  • Fully-Managed Service:  business occurs non-stop. Therefore the quality of service needs to be round-the-clock.

Their SD-WAN competitors offer solutions and apps but do not emphasize product evolution, reducing IT staff, eliminating redundant data, nor customization of paths.  They also lack the robust selection of app acceleration. Currently, the 2017 Red Herring Top 100 Global Award-Winner provides accelerates Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, SAP Business ByDesign, Amazon Web Services, box, Autodesk AutoCAD, and Microsoft Azure.  At most the other services only have four, compared to the seven with more to come.

Well-known headphone and earbud brand Skullcandy converted from MPLS to Aryaka Networks’ SmartCONNECT.  Since acquiring the services of Aryaka, Senior Director of IT Mary Hopkins states, “Aryaka gives us much better flexibility, improves service levels, lowers overall cost, and simplifies our global environment.  Overall it has been a big win for us!”

Skullcandy’s Senior Network Engineer, Yohan Beghein adds, “File transfers are much faster, our PLM application is reliable, and our cloud-based SAP Business ByDesign ERP performance has increased significantly. Aryaka is helping us uphold our brand by giving us the solution we need to not only respond to customer demand but to also improve business productivity.”

Before their conversion, Skullcandy experienced the following pain points:  poor application performance with SAP Business ByDesign and Cisco Telepresence, SQL Server instability, inconsistent latency with MPLS, and MPLS scale limitations with expensive bandwidth.  The results from utilizing SmartCONNECT produced:

  • Real-time network and application visibility
  • 10x improvement in application performance
  • 93% data reduction across all applications
  • Up to 40Mbps peak bandwidth savings
  • Deployment in days
  • 40% savings

The innovative culture and customer demand from both Skullcandy and Aryaka Networks assist in maintaining their relationship.  Aryaka innovates it products for Skullcandy to innovate their product for listeners of sound.

Established in 2009, Aryaka Networks started as cloud-based application acceleration offering with WAN optimization.  With the recent reception of $45 million from Third Point Ventures, new investor Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners(DTCP), and existing financial contributors confirm marketplace viability.  The fresh injection of capital brings the WAN service provider’s total funding to $120 million.

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