Spectre Teaser Review

The teaser trailer for Spectre teases the 24th James Bond in the franchise.  Actor Daniel Craig reprises the 007 role for the fourth time.

The Truth About Book-to-Screen Adaptations

A big misconception among some movie viewers is that a film based on any type of literary property should be exactly as the book is written.  The passion and love for a particular book is understandable, but it is not practical.  A film and any kind of book each have two different methods of functionality and storytelling techniques to the human brain.

Lessons for African-Americans in Film After the Oscars

With the 2015 Oscars in the books, there are lessons that African-Americans and African-American filmmakers can take away from Selma only winning Best Song.  When the nominations were announced and David Oyelowo and Ava DuVernay were considered “snubbed” for Best Actor and Best Director respectively, social media hashtags (i.e. #OscarsSoWhite) and claims of protests rained from the heavens for a lack of diversity.  Even though the Duverney film received plenty of critical acclaim, its downfall with the Academy was the last-minute screeners.

Codeblack’s New Distribution Deal

Codeblack Films’ new output deal with Eagle Films is winning situation for African-American audiences, production companies and filmmakers.  With complaints on social media about the lack of diversity in film in America, this deal will start the process of diversification.  The Lionsgate company (Codeblack) already has an existing deal in South Africa with Times Media Films.  The new deal with Eagle Films gets their content to audiences in the Middle East and North Africa.