MediaLogical Ep10 | Moonlight Spoilers Review (Audio)

  Spoiler movie review of the A24 film ‘Moonlight’ and new conversations on sexuality.  Below is my spoiler-free review of the film: “Moonlight shines as the definition of a story arc with a coming of age tale that illuminates and enlightens audiences with intense colors …

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#NetflixandChill Reviews | LOVE 3D

  Non-spoilers review of the French erotic drama film LOVE, directed by Gaspar Noe. Review includes the recommendation to use film for #NetflixandChill. PLEASE SUBMIT QUESTIONS AND/OR COMMENTS BY EMAIL TO For more news, review and content, go to Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Tumblr

Reel To Real | Ex Machina

  A show where we see how realistic are the movies we watch that are slightly absurd. This episode is all about the A24 film Ex Machina and how close humanity is to seeing its first humanoid self-aware robotic organism. PLEASE SUBMIT QUESTIONS AND/OR COMMENTS …

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