Movie Preview UI Screens

Movie preview screens from an blockchain hackathon pitch.  Each movie (Moonlight and Logan) has respective screen for a user and a guest.

Actual Now UI Landing Page Designs

I developed these designs utilizing Adobe XD.  Zhenya Rynzhuk created a UI kit for fashion editorials.  The first image contains three versions for the iPhone X.  I decided to embrace simplicity and usage color for mood for the phone designs.  Given the limited screen space, …

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YouTube Thumbnail Designs

Selection of YouTube thumbnail designs from my YouTube Channel.

CryptoStat for iPad Pro

The CryptoStat UI designs were developed for the iPad Pro device.  I decided to utilized a portrait orientation to challenge myself.  Most of my older designs are landscape for desktops. The masonry style provides a more dynamic look to the interface, as opposed to four squares.  …

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Ghosts MVP Mobile Prototype

  Adobe XD Functional Prototype The Ghosts mobile application records the user’s voice in a specific location, plus plays other user audio tracks within a radius.  The image gallery displays the Minimum Viable Product for the app.  ReactJS is the code of choice for the …

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