Spawn Reboot with Blumhouse Productions


At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, comic book creator Todd McFarland announced that he and Blumhouse Productions will produce a live-action Spawn reboot.  McFarland told Collider’s Steve Weintraub that he expects a production of $10-$12 million.

The focus of the film will be on Spawn and Detective Twitch.  He classified the motion picture under the supernatural thriller genre.  He told fans to expect an ‘R’ rating due to the material and themes, not just language or sex.



Netflix Castlevania Spoilers Review


Audio spoilers review and discussion of the Netflix Original Series Castlevania Season 1 from Executive Producer Adi Shankar.  The new series commences with a woman searching for medical training.  She discovers Vlad Tepes(Dracula), who grants access to his library.  A sudden time lapse of two decades to a stake burning of the woman, now Dracula’s wife pushes the story forward.  The vampire vows vengeance for the execution of his wife by the church.  Thus, the fight to save the people of Wallachia begins.

Synopsis:  A vampire hunter fights to save a besieged city from an army of otherworldly beasts controlled by Dracula himself. Inspired by the classic video games.

Netflix Gypsy Season 1 – Creative Psychology


The Netflix Original Series Gypsy debuted this past weekend.  The series stars Naomi Watts, Billy Crudup and Sophie Cookson.

Synopsis:  “Academy Award-nominee Naomi Watts stars in this Netflix-original psychological thriller as Jean, a therapist in New York with a successful practice and a life that seems picturesque. As Jean starts to develop intimate and illicit relationships with the people in her patients’ lives, the borders of her professional life and personal fantasies become blurred. Jean descends into a world where reality and the forces of her desires are disastrously at odds, which impacts her life and the lives of those around her.”